Organic Oil

Oil from arbequina olive cultivated ecologically, without pesticides or herbicides. Manual harvesting and grinding before 24 hours. Fruit in its optimal maturation point, predominance of mature olive of intense purple color.

Extra virgin olive oil acquires some golden hues and retains the deep aroma and taste of mature olive.

Camp de Cervià is certified by the CCPAE which guarantees to the consumer that the techniques used in the ecological agricultural production are respectful with the environment and with the people.


100% oil from Arbequina olive harvesting manual and grind them before 48 hours.

Olive at its optimum fruits, olives predominantly reddish hues that mark the transition from green to ripening. This feature is produced in our country in late November or early December depending on the year.

Preparation quick oil obtained from the fruit fresh and sufficient rest time for the natural sedimentation of suspended solids.


100% oil from Arbequina olive harvesting manual and grind them within 48 hours.

Fruit in its optimum ripeness. Prevalence of ripe olives intense purple color. The extra virgin olive oil acquires golden hues and retains the flavor and deep aroma of ripe olives.

Filtered by traditional mechanical and packaged in the shortest possible time to preserve the intense presence of their origin Arbequina olive.

Not only what we say.

Top quality olive oil, intense flavor of large shades. Infinitely better quality oils from abroad.

Josep Lluís P.

Golden yellow, very green and quite covered. Its aroma is fragrant and the expected variety, very fresh and totally clean. Its flavor is evident on the palate with a certain rusticity, which differentiates and a pleasant bitterness but special. Score: 9 a


Greenish yellow. The nose shows good aromatic intensity, typical of the olives and the area to which it belongs.
Light acidity that gives it a personal touch and slightly bitter on the palate. Score: 9,1 a

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