A walk through the history of the cooperative.


On 20 September, 15 members founded the Cooperativa Agricola i Caixa Rural de Cervià. They are the founders.

Firsts steps1914

In October the company now consists of 40 members. The olive oil produced in mills individuals.

1914_Acta de fundació

The first factory1918

They built the first oil factory fitted with a cylindrical spring and two hydraulic presses. Enter new partners and are now total 98.

Construction of the second factory1920

1918 The factory is now too small and the second factory is built adjacent to the first. Equipped with two wheels (twins) and five hydraulic presses.

It has 124 members. The box does not have sufficient funds to rural finance this work and resort to credit.

The room is used to store olive cinema when it is harvest time.

1920_Façana 2a fàbrica originaria

The factory seized1936

The union CNT confiscates the factory and grinds the olives of its members.


The factory can not be put into full operation due to lack of spare parts and the low production of olives and olive oil. The production and sale of oil is rationed and controlled by the government.

The board returns1949

They begin to overcome the ravages of civil war and the board of the cooperative is again elected by the members. There are 200.


Strong frosts kill a lot of trees.

The wine also protagonist1959

Begins producing red wine section for partners and surplus for sale.


1962_Moles cilindriques i extractor d'oli verge extra

It extends and renews 1920. The factory grinding is done with conical teeth and you can get two different types of oil: extra and first.


Comença la nova mecanització que estalvia mà d’obra.

Almond, a new product1979

It implements Section almonds. This product is sold without transformation.

DO underway1984

Attempting to obtain a designation of origin for oil in Les Garrigues. You start to pack and label the oil. The cooperative has 350 members.


La Societat Oleícola de Cervià merges with the Cooperativa Camp Cervià produced and the entire oil town.

We promote olive oil1991

They begin the celebrations of the oil to promote this product.

Fusions de cooperatives1992

Cervià merge cooperatives, in Vilosell and Vallclara. Closes all the grapes and wine section takes Winery Cooperative Vilosell.

The olives  from Vallclara and Vilosellare are processed cooperative Cervià. We begin modernizing the machinery to convert the manufacturing process for continuous phases.

Improve product1995

Install a continuous line of production of oil. Achieved a significant reduction in the workforce and a considerable reduction of the storage time of the olive entails improving the product.

Section Credit Cooperative has resources to fund all the improvements made.

We grow2009

We launched the website of the cooperative. Acquired new machinery cleaning olives, stainless steel tanks and Reform Agro store. The current number of members is about 600.

Promotional video2017